The ROI on Remodeling

How much of a return on your investment do you get on Remodel Projects?

The California Association of Realtors takes a look. It is important to note only ONE of these improvements gets a 100%+ return, and that is the Front Door. You know what they say about first impressions, well, when you go to sell, painting or replacing your front door can make a big difference. Add some color with potted Flowers (you can take what is in a pot, not what is in the ground) and make sure the entire area is clean and clear of debris and the dreaded spider webs. While you may access your home through the garage, remember the front door leaves a lasting impression. Many buyers make their decision to make an offer on a home within the first minute they’re in the door. Unless, your agent is meeting the Buyers, their agent will spend at least a minute getting the key out of the lockbox. Make sure your entry way showcases the home, the buyers will walk through. All other improvements will not give you as big of a return, so spend cautiously, unless you intend to enjoy your improvements yourself before you sell.