What our clients say…

 First Time Home Buyers Matt and Sheri didn’t have the easiest time purchasing their new home. After being beat out in multiple counter offer situations multiple times and the house they loved requiring so much work they cancelled the contract, the found the one! We stuck through it together keeping our eyes on the prize of getting house keys! šŸ”‘  

Lena and John are relocating to Northern California for a job opportunity. I got them 5 offers with less than 5 days on the market. They were thrilled that the buyers paid full asking price and allowed them to get moved as soon as school let out for their two boys. 

If you or someone you know is looking to move by Selling or Buying Real Estate in San Diego, CA, and want to work with an agent who produces results, call me, Amy Wright at 858-224-2562 OR email me at amyewright@kw.com. 

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