California Hosung Market Forecast

The 2016 Forecast is out and while the market is expecting to remain strong this year, indicators are leading us to conclude the market will not continue to gain speed next year. 

Price gains are tapering. 

Modest improvements expected in 2016.



California fell further and has more room to gain.   

Gross Domestic Product remains underwhelming. 


Stagnant wage growth has resulted in a delay of the first time home buyer entering the market. 

International buyers came to invest, now that prices have rise , they’re staying on the sideline of the housing market. 


This indicates the peak has passed. 

Since rates are low, and inventory remains low, demand has remained solid. As soon as either of those factors uptick, the market will slow. 

Where are we headed based on what we saw last year. 

Finally, the forecast. For questions about the market, or these slides specifically, contact Realtor Amy E. Wright at 858-224-2562. 


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