Babies need room for their accessories 

Babies change everything, don’t they? Whether your first, or fifth 😲, they require lots of accessories in the first year. Do you have room? Families often consider making a move once they know they’re expecting and many make the move in anticipation of the new arrival. 

Who do you know with an expanding family in need of more space? The home search process can be fast , yet most people begin gathering information and searching online well in advance of their move. Our mobile app can help you in the beginning stages of your search. We also offer a NO cost, NO point financing option through Keller Mortgage, ask us how you can also qualify for $1000 credit toward closing costs. 

While interest rates remain at historic lows, your buying power is better now. So what’s holding you back? Credit repair? We can help. Where there is a will, there is a way. Text 858-224-2562 for our plan of action to get you moved into a bigger space. 

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