Newlywed? Before you head hurts, check out these helpful hints.

Just as the glow fades from being a blissful bride, thank you cards still to be sent out, everyone is hounding you to change your name and make it Facebook ‘official’! That’s the easy part, though you may want to check out this handy tutorial on how to change your profile name: Change your name on Facebook. At least that notifies all your friends of the newly crafted title. Whether you choose to Go by Michelle Smith Johnson OR Michelle Johnson (Smith) so people from your distant past can find you versus the total switch to Michelle Johnson with no mention of your maiden name, this is the easiest way to socially make the announcement.


While you’re at it, go ahead and tackle your own social media account list. You can ‘GOOGLE’ instructions for any other social media accounts you may have for a direct link to their settings help page. As soon as the Social Media is updated, you’ll be ready to make it legal too!

Once you receive your marriage certificate in the mail, you’ll be ready to head to and from there, you can proceed to update your Driver’s license and all other accounts including ordering new checks. A checklist will help guide you through the process to avoid costly time sucks. Here is a list from All State insurance on changing your name Download and Print.

Congratulations on your recent nuptials!

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