My Realtor Resource Map

Realtor Referrals – what, why, when

Do you know a Realtor? Of course, you likely do know a Realtor! Yet, if they are not located where you are moving to or from, you may be in need of finding someone to help you locally. The best way these days is to get a referral. Sure you can search online the way you would for a restaurant near you, yet, buying or selling a home is a lot more important that deciding where to go for a nice dinner. Realtors like myself attend national trainings, and network to provide you with trusted resource when you move to a new area.

This map is updated frequently as new referral partners are added to the map. It also helps remind me WHERE I know an agent that can help. I needed a visual to show me WHO I know in Real Estate all over the world.

Know of someone WHO should be on the map? Comment below so we may connect. There is a questionnaire we send them to qualify their addition to our network. There are over 1,000,000 Realtors in the US alone, not including the licensed people who don’t associate with the National Association of Realtors